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Welcome to my site dedicated to sports facts, trivia and opinion.  I try to give the most accurate information i can.  If you have information you would like to share please feel free to do so.  I have been watching and analyzing sports for over 40 years.  I like to evaluate what is being said in the sports world and see if i agree with it or not.  This site is for fun so at times i am not able to see whats going on out there.  I like to come to my own opinions on players and teams. I watch a lot of sports and listen to what the "experts" are saying.  I am not a computer geek so this site i have made is very basic.  
     I follow many different sports but my three favorites are football, basketball and boxing.  There was a time that i watched or listened to virtually every game that was on.  I have followed the Lakers for instance since 1970.  Back in the days of Wilt, West and Baylor.  Yes i have been watching the lakers since the days that a Kobe was something that came with a baked potato and soup or salad.
     Today is April 24th 2012.  I want to start off by giving my odds on  the upcoming basketball playoffs.                                                                      1.  San Antonio  27.5%
2.  Oklahoma     22.5%
3.  Lakers           20%
4.  Miami            10%
5.  Boston           10%
6.  Chicago           5%
7.  Other               5%

I believe the three teams with the best odds to win it all are from the west.  In fact the western conference final might be the real championship.  Kind of how the NFC championship in the 80's was like the championship.  Lebron would have to put up big man numbers like 33 pts and 12 brds to win it all and get some serious help.  To me the team that should win it all is the Lakers.  They have the best center in the playoffs and the best power forward.  The problem is they have a swing player that is so worrried about being the hero that he brings his team down.  But if the main focus is on their big men they should win hands down.  But if the primary focus for the Lakers was Bynum and Gasol they would have a 50% chance of winning it all.  Problem is their swing man has to be the main focus and he will probably bring them down.  Although the press will blame it on the bigs.  In reality their so called star goes away from their natural advantages and shoots way to much at around a 40% rate.  He actually shoots more and at a lower rate than the regular season.  This inefficient play is often to much for his team to overcome.  Although some years the outstanding play of his bigs has lead to 5 championships.  But I believe either the spurs or thunder shall take the lakers out even though the Lakers have the better bigs.  Their star seems content on trying to be the next Jordan or the best player in the world and it will cost the Lakers their chance.  The spurs and thunder are too good to overcome a guy shooting the ball 25 times a game and making 40% of them.  Some years the Lakers can get away with it, just not this one.  Big men win championships.  The Lakers have the best bigs, they probably won't have the chance to take advantage because of ball hog, hero, trying to be best ever guy.

This is what playing with KOBE BRYANT is like.  Kobe takes all the shots and none are left for his teammates
IT has been said that people are afraid to play with KOBE.  That's why the lakers couldn't land any of the top free agents this year.  The real reason is none of the real stars want to play with him.  He is selfish.  He doesn't share.  He wants to be the star or the hero.  Even if someone else has a better shot.
Phil Jackson tried to teach KOBE to share.  Expecially when it was for the good of the team.  But Kobe wouldn't listen so Phil knew he had to move on