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I call this page big deal because virtually every NBA champion has had a dominating front man or front court.  I will show how each team has had this winning formula.  The NBA as we know it today started in 46/47.  The NBA started keeping track of rebounds in 50/51 and the lakers were led to the championship in 48/49 by Mikan so i will use this as my starting point as very few stats were kept before this.  So lets begin evaluating the importance of the bigs to winning it all.

48/49  Minneapolis Lakers -  George Mikan.  The most dominating big man and player of this era.  He led the league in FG, FT, Pts and Win share, 1st team all NBA

49/50  Minneapolis Lakers -  George Mikan.  Led league in even more than previous year including pts.  1st team all NBA

50/51  Rochester Royals -  Arnie Risen.  Risen 4th in league with 12.0 boards a game and Coleman was 10th with 8.7.

51/52  Minneapolis Lakers -  George Mikan.  Led league in rebounds and efficiency.  2nd in scoring.  Led def wins and Vern Mikkelson was 9th with 10.3 boards game.

52/53  Minneapolis Lakers -  George Mikan.  Led league rebounds, efficiency and win share.  1st team all NBA.  Vern added 9.3 boards per.

53/54  Minneapolis Lakers -  George Mikan.  Led league in efficiency and def win share.  2nd in boards.  1st team all NBA all 5 champ years.  14.4 boards and vern added 8.5 per.

54/55  Syracuse -  Dolph Schayes.  Led def wins.  4th in boards and efficiency.  Lloyd added 7.7 boards in addition to schayes 12.3 per.

55/56  Philadelphia -  Neil Johnston.  Led win share.  2nd in efficiency and added 12.5 boards per.  Gola added 9.1 boards and Grawbowski 8.9 per.

56/57  Celtics -  Bill Russell.  Led league with 19.6 boards per as rookie.  5th in FG %.  Loscutoff added 10.4 boards and Heinsohn 9.8 per

57/58  St Louis Hawks -  Bob Pettit.  Led efficiency and 2nd in boards at 17.4 per.  Third scoring at 24.6 pts.  1st team all NBA.  Cliff Hagan added 10.1 board per.

58/59  Celtics -  Bill Russell.  Led rebounds 23 per and def win share.  led boards by 6.6 per game.  2nd in FG %.  Yes.  1st team all NBA

59/60 Celtics - Bill Russell 24 boards per.  Led def win share. 2nd team all NBA

60/61 Celtics - Bill Russell.  MVP.  16.9 pts, 23.9 rebounds, 3.4 assists.  Led def win

61/62 Celtics - Bill Russell.  2nd straight league MVP.  Led def win.  18.9 pts, 23.6 boards and 4.5 assist.

62/63 Celtics - Bill Russell.  3rd straight MVP.  Led def win.  16.8 pts, 23.6 boards and 4.5 assist.

63/64  Celtics - Bill Russell.  Led rebounds 24.7 and def win share.

64/65  Celtics - Bill Russell.  Russell MVP.  1st team all NBA.  14.1 pts, 24.1 boards and 5.3 assist.  Led def win.

65/66 Celtics - Bill Russell.  2nd boards, led def win 2nd team all NBA

66/67 Philadelphia - Wilt.  League MVP.  24.1 pts, 24.2 boards, 7.8 assist.  Led FG % with .683, boards and efficiency.  1st team all NBA.

67/68 Celtics - Russell.  3rd boards and 2nd def win.  2nd team all NBA.

68/69 Celtics - Russell.  3rd boards and 2nd def win.  

69/70 Knicks - Willis Reed.  League MVP. 1st team all NBA. Led def win.  21.7 pts and 13.9 boards.

70/71 Bucks - Kareem.  League MVP. 1st team all NBA.  Led pts, eff, and wins. 31.7 pts and 16 boards per.

71/72 Lakers - Wilt.  Led rebounds, effeciency and def win.  FG% .649 and 19.2 boards. 1st team all D.

72/73 Knicks -  Lucas, Reed and Debusschere.  DeB 10.2 rebound per and reed 8.5 boards.  Debusschere 1st team all NBA

73/74 Celtics - Silas and Cowens.  Cowens 3rd boards at 15.7 and Silas 12th at 11.2.  

74/75 Warriors - Cliff Ray 10.6 rebound per and wilkes 8.2.

75/76 Boston - Silas and Cowens.  1 and 2 off rebounds.  Cowens 2nd rebounds at 16 per and Silas 4th at 12.7 per.  Cowens 1st team D.

76/77 Portland - Walton. Led rebounds at 14.4.  Led blocks 3.2 game. 3rd eff and 2nd def rating Maurice Lucas added 11,4 boards per. Walton 1st team all D.

77/78 Bullets - Hayes and Unseld.  Hayes 13.3 boards 4th and Unselds 11.9 boards.

78/79 Seattle - Jack Sikma and Silas. Sikma 12.4 boards and led def win

79/80 Lakers - Kareem.  MVP, 1st team all NBA, 1st team D. Led blks and win share.  24.8 pts, 10.8 boards and 4.5 assist.

80/81 Boston - Bird, Parish, Mchale.  Bird 1st team NBA.  Bird 1st def win, Parish 2nd d rating.  Bird 4th boards 10.9 Parish 13th at 9.5 per

81/82 Lakers - Kareem and Magic.  Magic 9.6 rebound 11th and kareem 8.7 boards.  cooper 1st team D.  Magic 2nd team all NBA

82/83 76ers - Moses. MVP and 1st team all NBA.  Led rebound, off and def win, FT. 24.5 pts, 15.3 rebound 1.3 blk.

83/84 Boston - Bird MVP. 1st team all NBA, 2nd team D.  Bird 24.2 pts 10.1 boards and 6.6 assist.  Mchale .556 FG % and Parish.

84/85 Lakers - Kareem and Magic, Worthy. Johnson 4th eff and kareem 5th.  FG Kareem.599, Worthy.572 Magic .569 Scott .539 Magic 1st team all NBA Kareem 2nd team all NBA

85/86 Boston - Bird MVP, 1st team all NBA, Mchale 1st team D. Bird 25.8pts, 9.8 rebound and 6.8 assist.  Bird led eff and def win. Mchale .574% FG and Parish .549%.

86/87 Lakers - Magic MVP, 1st team NBA. 23.9 pts, 6.3 boards and 12.2 assist. Kareem .567% FG Worthy .539% Green .538%.

87/88 Lakers - Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Rambis and Green. Magic 1st team NBA. Green 8.7 boards.

88/89 Detroit - Laimbeer, Rodman, Salley Mahorn and Edwards.  Rodman led .595 FG%.  Laimbeer 9.6 and Rodman 9.4 boards per. Rodman 1st team D.

89/90 Detroit - Rodman, Laimbeer and Salley.  Rodman 9.7 board and Laimbeer 9.6 per. Rodman 1st team D.

90/91 Bulls - Jordan MVP, 1st team NBA and D.  Horace Grant 8.4 boards per, Pippen 7.3 boards, Jordan 6 and Cartwright 6.2

91/92 Bulls - Jordan MVP, 1st team NBA and D.  Horace 10 rebound per and .538% FG.

92/93 Bulls - Jordan MVP, 1st team NBA and D.  Horace 9.5 boards 

93/94 Houston - Olajuwon MVP, 1st team NBA and D. Olajuwon 27.3 pt, 11.9 boards, 3.7 block.  2nd blk and D rating.  Thorpe 10.6 rebound

94/95 Houston - Olajuwon 27.8 pts, 10.8 boards, 3.4 blks.  3rd blks.