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About lakefansince70
​I think that Phil Jackson is probably the best coach in the history of professional sports.  If i was to choose a coach for my team he would be my choice.  He combines many aspects that he has learned over his lifetime and puts them into his coaching philosophy.  He has the demeaner I like in a coach.  He seems to keep his cool pretty good unless somebody goes against the play he called and tries to play hero and go against the odds.  But that's what he did.  He believed in the team concept and taking the shot that had the greatest chance of being made.  I believe he could of easily been the coach on 16 championships if individuals would of played the way he liked.  But some players wanted to be the hero and it cost them some of the championships they should of had.

I believe that Phil and shack were basically run out of town in Jackson's first stint as Lakers coach.  I believe the Lakers went with popularity and the all mighty dollar over actual performance.  When it failed without them they couldn't bring Jackson back soon enough.  But know Phil and the Lakers had agreat dilemna, how do we rebuild what they had with Shack.  Basically Shack was sent packing as it was him or Kobe.  Kobe didn't want to be a sidekick anymore.  So they choose to keep Kobe because he was about six years younger and also he sold about 3 or 4 times more memorabilia.

So now these guys had to rebuild the team.  And the team couldn't have another Shack.  They couldn't bring in someone who would overshawdow the air apparent.  So they had to bring in highly effective players good enough to win championships but who wouldn't steal the limelight.  They needed those guys who were great but kind of went under the radar.  So they picked up Lamar Odom, the main guy on his former teams but not anyone who would garner attention his way.  And they drafted Bynum who was the youngest player in NBA straight from high school.  The current star scoffed at the pick.  But the slowly brought him along.  Basically they lost the 1st four years after Shack left.  And the last year with Shack was a loss to.  These should of been championship years.  With Shack on board they could of picked up Odom and Bynum and transitioned over to them as Shack got older.

But this didn't happen.  Things really began to get better when the team picked up Gasol.  Like Odom he was the star of his team but not someone who wouldn't steal the show.  Just a great player who didn't overshoot to be a star.  The kind of guy they needed.  Very efficient playing his role but not seeking more than that.  So what they eventually did was they made a great team by committee.  None did as much as Shack, but when added up it came to more.  I don't think they could of envisioned it working out this well.  If they did kudos.  Kudos anyway because it did work whether they planned it out or not.  Shack is one of my favorite players ever, but as i turned out i believe this later phase of big man by committe has actually turned out to be better.  Here is a comparison showing how this laker team is stronger than before.

                                           SHACK 99/00 VS 08/09 BIG THREE

PLAY     FGM      FGA        %         FTM        FTA         %          RB        AST       BLK        STL         PTS

Shack                                .574                                     .524       13.6       3.8         3.02        .5            29.7

Big 3      1219      2250      .542       655          911        .719       25.76     7.5         4.1          2.0          44.5

As you can see big man by committe worked better.  Especially for the Lakers who couldn't bring in someone who would overshadow their star.  This was pure genious by Jackson and co.  Have the excitement of a star swingman while being highly effective by bigs.  The bigs were the key to the championships.  So the star and the fans are happy.  But you got to give the proper mixture.  Too much star and not enough bigs fails.  A swing man shooting 43 to 45% only works if it can be offset by other players being more effective.  When this balance has been lost the Lakers lose.  I  figured it out the now former big three was like having shack and bird on the same team minus some of the points.
                                               SHACK PLUS THIS EQUALS BIG THREE

Plus                                     .510                                     .914     12.16     6.61        1.08        1.5        14.8

So you can see how effective the big three were.  It was like having shack and another player shooting over 50% plus over 90% of his free throws 12 boards 6 plus assist a block 1.5 steal and 15 pts a game.  Basically Shack and Larry bird on your team minus a little scoring.  These two players are in my top 5 alltime.  So yes Gasol, Bynum and Odom were great.  Under appreciated.  They got what they needed from them to win back to back championships without overshadowing the star.  Now They have a two headed monster in Gasol and Bynum.  Better than what anyone else has.  They should win more titles if they are the headliners.  But now they could outshine the star and then we have a problem.