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I call this page the Jonses not to be disrespectful to the Jonses but rather to say keeping up with the Jonses.  Two members of the championship years of the Celtics were Jonses.  This page is about winning championships.  About how the best team with the best big men win championships.  Today the factor that is used most often to define how great a player is if and how many championships they have won.  This to me is by far the worst way to gauge how great a player is.  Basketball like football, baseball and others is a team sport.  You can be twice as good as the 2nd best player in a sport and never win a title if you play on a lousy team.  And you can be a lousy player on a great team and win multiple championships.  Being lucky enough to be around the right bunch of guys like a song says to be in a band.  Even Michael Jordan didn't win a championship til he had the best coach (Jackson) and other great players with him such as Scottie Pippen.  He had great shooters such as Kerr and Paxson who came thru with the big shots when needed.  And he later had the best rebounder in Rodman.

So you hear all this talk about if this guy wins another he'll be as good as this guy and so forth.  So i say if that is the case then the best player ever is Russell with 11 rings in 13 years.  And the 2nd best player ever is Sam Jones with 10 rings in 12 years.  And tied for 3rd is K.C. Jones with 8 rings in 9 years.  Of course this is ridiculous right.  But it seems to be some peoples only argument.  So here are the Jonses career numbers.

Player             FG%          FT%            RB            AST             PTS

K.C Jones      .387           .647             3.5             4.3               7.4

Sam Jones     .456           .803            4.9              2.5             17;7

It was a different era and shooting % were lower.  But they were contributors to those championships.  But they weren't gonna make it in anyones top 10 list shy of the people who brought them into this world.  The point is the guys were in the right place at the right time.  They played on the best team with Russell and Cousy and Heinsohn and Havlicek and themselves.  

If you listen to these people talking about how this guy is better than this guy cuz of the rings than you gotta say Michael Jordan is the 11th best player ever.  Behind Russell and the Jonses and Satch Sanders(8) and Jim Loscutoff (7) titles.

The truth is some big names out there have won many titles without playing very well.  And other guys have never won a title despite they played well and weren't on a good enough team.  Of course if you asked these guys would they rather of played badly and won, would rather do that.  But when i evaluate a player on an individual best player list i look deeper into how that player played rather than being lucky enough to be on a great team.