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This page is a continuation of big-deal showing how virtually every NBA champion has had a dominating big man or front court.  The 1st page finished with 94/95.

95/96 Chicago - Jordan. MVP.  Rodman led league with 14.9 rebound per.

96/97 Chicago - Rodman led league with 16.1 rebound per.

97/98 Chicago - Jordan MVP.  Rodman led league with 15 rebounds per

98/99 San Antonio - Duncan and Robinson.  Duncan 12.4 boards per and Robinson 10 per.  Robinson 1st def rating and win share.  Def win Dincan 1st and Robinson 2nd.

99/00 Lakers - Shack. MVP league.  29.7 pts, 13.6 boards.  Led eff, wins, FG, FG % at .574. Led off and def win.

00/01 Lakers - Shack.  Win leader, led .572 FG %. 28.7 pts and 12.7 boards, both 3rd.

01/02 Lakers - Shack. 2nd pts 27.2.  Led eff, win share and FG % at .579%.

02/03 Spurs - Duncan.  MVP.  Duncan 23.3 pts, 12.9 rebounds. Duncan 2nd in def rating and Robinson 3rd.

03/04 Detroit - Wallace.  12.4 rebounds per.  3 blks 2nd league.  1st def rating and 1st def share.

04/05 San Antonio - Duncan.  1st def rating.  2nd efficiency and 3rd in blocks.

05/06 Miami - Shack.  Led league with .600 FG%.  9.2 rebound per.

06/07 San Antonio - Duncan. 1st def rating and def wins.  2nd in efficiency.  3rd in blocks.  10.6 rebounds per.

07/08 Celtics - Garnett.  1st def rating.  2nd win share, 2nd def wins.  9.2 boards per.

08/09 Lakers - Gasol, Bynum and Odom.  Gasol 9.6 boards, Odom 8.2 boards and Bynum 8 boards.  Gasol 1st off rating.  gasol .567 FG% 5th.  4th off rebounds, and 6th overall boards. 4th win share.

09/10 Lakers - Gasol, Bynum and Odom.  Bynum .570 FG %, Gasol .538FG%.  Gasol led team eff rating.  Odom 9.2 rebound per.  Gasol 5th blks at 1.7 and 5th win share.  Odom Gasol and Bynum all 3 in top 20 def rating.  Gasol 11.3 rebounds.  Bynum 8.3 rebounds.
Gasol 18.3 pts, Bynum 15 per and Odom 10.8 pts.  Bynum 1.4 blks.

10/11 Dallas - Nowitski and Chandler.  Chandler 9.35 rebounds per.  Chandler 1st off rating.  Chandler 5th win and Nowitski 7th.  Two top 10 bigs.  
So as you can see virtually every NBA champion in history has had some form of a dominating big man.  The NBA is a big deal.  To me by studying the past you can get an idea of the future.  You can look at the teams in the playoffs and determine which ones have a shot at winning it all.  No one has ever won a championship with as weak of a front court as Lebron does with the heat.  Big men win.  Period.  Lebron simply doesn't have the big men needed to win or the clutch players around him.  His only chance of winning is if he becomes his own big man and Wade plays the swing.  Then guys like miller need to hit their shots.  Think about it.  Even jordan had pippen and rodman.  Pippen was probably the 2nd best all around player and rodman was best on boards.  And he had guys like Kerr and Paxson hit their shots when needed.  And Kobe had lots of bigs such as Shack, Gasol and Bynum.  And he had guys who hit big shots when needed.  And Bird had lots of support also.  Think of his famous steal, and his teammate hit the shot.  Lebron has never had the guy who hit that shot.