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My top 30 ever isn't the 30 greatest players ever.  It isn't the most athletic players either.  This list is the top 30 players that i would like to play for me if i were coaching a team.  These are the players that i feel would do whatever was needed to win a championship.  the players who would set aside personal accomplish if needed or performed great in championships.  People who if on a great team would come off the bench or pass to a teammate who had a better shot.  So here is my list.

1.  Michael Jordan.  He performed at the highest level and he even took it up a notch in the playoffs.  Even though he was the greatest per game scorer he had no problem passing to a teammate who had a better shot.

2.  Magic Johnson.  My main criteria for this list is making his team and teammates better.  No one did this better than magic.  He could of been a leading scorer, but he got his team involved and they fed off it.  Like Jordan he played less years than he should of.  He had the other qualities such as versatility.

3.  Bill Russell.  11 championships 13 years.  Enough said.  He did whatever was needed to win when it mattered most.  Mostly known as great defender he actually was not bad offensively.  He was quality over quantity.

4.  Shack.  Seems high to some.  But for about 4 years he was easily the best.  He basically carried the lakers to 3 titles and should of had more with more support.  If his free throw shooting was better he might of been even higher as it was about his only weakness.

5.  Larry Bird.  As a laker fan i hated him.  But you had to fear him.  He did it all well.  Scored from everywhere with great efficiency.  Rebounded and passed as well as anyone.  Although considered slow and athletic by some, i didn't see this.  He seemed very athletic to me.  He was also very under rated defensively.  Look up his defensive ratings and get real story.

6.  Kareem.  Although he won most of his championships past his prime, He did win 5 and won more MVP's than anyone ever.  He was a nearly unstoppable when young.

7.  Olajuwon.  One of the great centers ever.  Centers are the main reason teams win championships, and the dream did it all.  In his prime he outduelled the other great centers of his era.  He scored, rebounded, blocked shots etc.  He brought it on both sides of the ball.

8.  Wilt.  He won 2 titles with different roles.  One when he was the scoring machine and later as more of a teammate defensive assist type.  He was the most dominating player ever.  He gets knocked for not winning more, but i believe the Celtics were better than his teams and he nearly won with less talent.

9.  Mchale.  What?  I even thought of putting him higher.  He was unstoppable.  He could do it all, but he didn't have to prove it, which is the type of guy i want on my team.

10.  Barkley.  The 1st player on my list who never won a title.  But Barkley played at the level to win championships he just wasn't blessed with enough talent around him.  His only final he averaged over 27 pts, 13 boards and 5.5 asst with less than 2 turnovers per.  He did his part.  Many people have played horribly and won.  Barkley would def be on my team.

11.  Duncan.  Below Barkley?  Barely.  I feel if you look it up barkley edges duncan it's just that duncan played on better teams, better support and more clutch teammates.  Ginoboli, Parker and admiral.  Duncan himself was great.  He did it on both ends.  No nonense which i like.  If i had a 12 man roster he's be on it.

12.  Lebron.  Most athletic player i have ever seen.  He needs to win to move up and he doesn't have the big men needed to win.  Unless he gets a big he will be greatest to never win by time he's done.

13.  Moses.  He led the sixers to a title with big name along side but little help.  He is very under rated.

14.  Mikan.  He led the lakers to 5 championships in the 50's.  Who knows how he'd fare now, but we can say that about anyone from past.

15.  Oscar.  Again all around talent.  His 6' 5 frame were big for the day.  Would he dominate now?  I think his numbers would go down, but still great.

16.  Wade.  Not too high for me.  He carried the heat to title.  He does it on both ends.  He even blks shots.  He has 6th highest eff rating ever cuz he does it all.  Including being a winner.

17.  Gasol.  Say what you want but he was the key to their last two titles.  Before he joined lakers they were average.  His eff rating is among best ever even though he doesn't shoot much.  He could rate higher like Mchale could of but plays within the team

18.  pettit.  One of the greatest and most underrated plays ever.  Look him up, very impressive.

19.  Isiah.  He is one of those guys you forget.  He led detroit to 2 titles.  todays isiah might be parker or ginoboli.  He could score or assist with best.

20.  Havlicek.  Was key member to many celtic titles.  People today forget about these past legends.  He was pure energy, giving it his all.  Which is exactly what a coach wants.

21.  West.  One of the greatest clutch performers of alltime.  I could of easily had him up 10 spots but just the same he's on this team.  If i needed a outside jump shot to win game he might be taking it.
22.  Walton.  When he was young, before injury bug he was as good as any big man ever.  He played both ends.  Great passser.  He won titles as main man and as a role player.  The kind of player my team needs.

23.  Pippen.  Pippen was one of the alltime greats on both ends.  He did it all both ways.  He could guard anyone.  Jordan didn't win til he had his robin.

24.  Garnett.  Another great big man.  He is kind of player i seek.  He does what is best for team.  Went to celtics and shared ball with others to win.  Unselfish is one of best qualities for my team.

25.  Dirk.  Played one of the greatest final performances ever.  Makes my team.

26.  Pierce.  To me he is very underrated.  Even on defense he seems to be giving some guys all they can handle.  And he seems more clutch to me than players who get more credit.  Does he shoot better? yes.  And he takes better shots.  Seems under control in clutch.

27.  Allen.  Again like rest big three he is unselfish.  shoots great.  And he did it when some doubted him.

28.  Ginoboli.  Love his game.  He makes them inside or out.  Sometimes i watch him and say take every shot cuz he makes so many.  He slashes past bigs.  He can move up in next few years depending on titles and injuries.  Injuries only thing stop him.

29.  Parker.  Lot like Ginoboli.  At first i thought he got attention for other reason, but this guy is for real.  He can also move up.

30.  Admiral.  He was before Lebron the most athletic specimen ever.  He is said to not lived up to expectations, but look up what he did.  He was one greats.  Both ends.

So this is my list.  If i did this tomorrow the list would be different.  I was moving guys all over as i made it.  Hell Half the time Magic top's my list.  Again this list is the top 30 players i'd like to play for my team.  I guess you could call it 30 greatest.  It's close to same thing.