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About lakefansince70

​This page is where i ponder what would of happened if something different would of happened in someones career.  Such as what would of happened if team x had drafted this player instead of that one.  I believe being in the right place at the right time can make or break a career.  I also look at things such as what if Magic hadn't been forced to retire early.  Or what if Jordan didn't retire twice and just played straight thru to age 40.
                                                LAKERS VS HEAT

My first edition of what if is what if the Lakers and Heat met in the finals.  The date of this writing is 5-2-12.  Now this is what everyone wants.  The headlines would read Lebron vs Kobe in dream final.  And everyone including the "esperts" would get caught up in it.  Basically saying the winner is the best player.  But in reality these two would probably have little to do with the outcome unless Lebron has the greatest finals in history.  Why?  Because virtually every champion in the history of the NBA has had a dominating front court or big man.  And the Lakers have the best combo in the NBA.  In my opinion their advantage is worth about 15 to 20 points over the heat.  Here is a comparison of the big men from both teams.

Player       FGM          FGA         %        RB           AST         BLK            PTS

Gasol        459            917         .501     10.0          3.5           1.3             16.7

Bynum      444            796         .558     12.1          1.4           2.0             19.1

Totals       903           1713        .527      22.1         4.9           3.3              35.8

Bosh        393            807         .487        7.9          1.8            .8              18.0

Haslem    151            357         .423        7.3           ,7             .5                6.0

Totals       544          1164        .467       15.2          2.5           1.3             24.0

If both sets of big men shot 1,000 times the Lakers would make 60 more shots which is about 12.8% better.  They get about 45% more rebounds, 96% more assist and 253% more blocks.  And they score about 49% more.  To me the big man advanatge is about a plus 20 points for the Lakers and the reason they would win the title if they face the heat.  Kobe could shot 10 for 30 every night and they'd still win.  Lebron could go 16 for 30 every night and still lose.  The advantage is too big.  Lebron would have to have the greatest series ever to win.  Probability Lakers win equals 95%.  And the headlines would read Kobe outduels Lebron.  Winning championshups is about the bigs and the best team.  It is matchups.  The heat simply don't have the lenght to matchup with the Lakers.  Lebron would most likely play better than anyone else but he doesn't have nearly the support particularly in the right areas.  The most support he gets is from the player most similiar to himself Mr.Wade.  I didn't have this site at the time, but i was telling people the heat was the worse choice for Lebron.  He went to the team with the player most like humself Wade.  I felt his best choice was Chicago.  And his 2nd best choice was to stay in Cleveland and get a top big.  Have you noticed Lebron seems to be at his best when Wade and Bosh are out.  Too much confusion as to who is to do what.  Wade and Lebron are both slashers with the ball who create for themselves and others.  So when they are both in one seems to be in control while the other watches and gets out of the way.  It's like 4 on 5.  I saw heat as worse choice.  He needs the bigs.  Hell he's the best rebounder on his team.  While the Lakers have two bigs averaging over 10 boards a game.  He has never had a great big man in his prime.  Bosh plays more like a small forward.  Very slender.  Until he gets one or two dominating bigs he will probably get close with no cigar.  And let me not forget virtually every championship team has had one, two or three great rebounders.  The Heat's top rebounder is Lebron with 7.9 per.  The Lakers of the late 1980's are the only team to ever win a championship with no rebounder over 8 per.  They had 5 players over 5 per.  And as i said many teams have had multiple great rebounders.  In fact the 08/09 Lakers had 3 players average over 8 rebounds per.  Yes three guys who had more than the heats best.  It is the main reason the heat would have little chance against the Lakers.  More info on this can be found on my soon to be page big deal.