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                                                 DWAYNE WADE IMPACT

His team overall                                With Wade                              Without Wade

    407-305                                          348-248                                       58-68

      .564%                                             .596%                                        .460%

As we can see Dwayne Wade has made a great impact on the heat.  With him they are very good and without him they are below average.  He has the 6th highest efficiency ever.  He scores, assists, gets boards, stls, and even gets about a block a game.  His impact isn't as great as Jordan's or Shacks which happen to be 2 of the 5 with a higher effeciency, but definately a big impact.  Lets take a look at how the heat did before Wade arrived to solidify this finding.

                                                    Years Before Wade

02/03            25-57
03/04            36-46

totals             61-103      .372%

Definately a lot better when Wade arrived.  He makes a team better with his own high performance level and makes his teammates better by creating good shooting opportunities.
                                                 LEBRONS IMPACT

His team overall                           With Lebron                      Without Lebron

    453-269                                       441-248                               12-21

       .627                                             .640                                    .364

Major impact.  Very Jordan like.  Makes his team better with his play and makes his teammates better.  Lets incorporate impact to include before he joined cleveland and after he left.

                                           5 years before Lebron

130-248        .344%

                                            2 years after Lebron

40-108          .270%

So now lets combine without Lebron, before and after.

182-377        .326%

Major impact.  He makes his team a lot better.  From bad to very good.  Now he needs a great big man to win it all!!!