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About lakefansince70

I call this page impact because i show the impact players have when they join a team, when they miss games and after they leave a team.  I decided to do this page when i saw people arguing over who should be MVP and i new the information they were giving wasn't accurate to the truth.  They were saying that a particular player was the best this year and ever and that without him his team would be in last place.  I new this wrong because i had been watching this stat for years particularly involving my favorite team and keeping track of their record when the stars were absent.  I believe you can truly see how good a player is and whether he makes a team better by watching what happens during these times.  I believe many players have reputations that don't add up to the facts.  One player over and over falls into this categoty.  No matter what i look up about him it doesn't match the perception.  Some players such as Jordan and Shack the numbers support their greatness.  In other cases the numbers support what i witness and know to be true but for some reason people believe otherwise.  They remember the successes but have amnesia when it comes to failing.  And the failing happens more often than the other although the perception is some people are clutch 99% of the time when it is more like 40%.
                           MICHAEL JORDANS IMPACT

His team overall              With Jordan                          Without Jordan

     771-459                         708-364                                  63-95

         .627                               .660                                      .399

As we can see the Bulls were a lot better with Jordan.  But we already knew this.  Now lets look at the bulls before and after Jordan left.

                               YEAR BEFORE JORDAN

      27-55    .329

                            SIX YEARS AFTER JORDAN

    119-341    .,259

Once again a major impact.  He made the bulls a lot better.  Combining before, after and games missed the bulls record is.

   209-491   .299

In my opinion they were more than twice as good.
                                              SHACKS IMPACT

His team overall                         With Shack                                 Without Shack

   435-189                                     377-137                                         58-52

      .697                                           .733                                              .527

A great impact.  Without him they were average, which we will see next when we look at the three years after shack left the Lakers.

                                       THREE YEARS AFTER

    121-125      .492

They were average basically until Gasol and the other bigs brought them back.  The difference and impact shack had were huge.  They nearly won 3/4 of games Shack played in and barely half he didn't.  
                                          KOBE BRYANT IMPACT

His team overall                         With Kobe                                  Without Kobe

     834-430                                  770-391                                         64-39

        .660                                        .663                                              .621

Not much of a difference.  I attribute this to .453 shooting % that you can just put another body in place.

                                            YEAR BERORE KOBE

53-29       .646

Again not much difference.  A great team before him and a great team without him.  Now lets combine before him and when he didn't play.

Before                                          Without                                          Total

53-29                                             64-39                                           117-68

 .646                                               .621                                               .632

Again just slightly better with.  The impact was minimal.  Great team with or without.  I feel many people could of filled this spot as well or better.  Maybe Ray Allen.  Think about some of the players from this era and put them in.  Of course Ray Allen was already picked up by the time the Lakers picked.
                                        PAU GASOL IMPACT

His team overall                     With Gasol                             Without Gasol

     241-98                                  229-91                                       12-7

       .711                                       .716                                         .632

A pretty big impact.  But not a very big sample of without to judge by.  But now lets look at the over 3 and 1/2 years prior to Gasol arrival to further judge his impact.

                                          BEFORE GASOL

    156-145         .518

Now we see his true impact.  Similiar to Shacks impact.  They went from average before Gasol to great with him.  I see him as the key to their recent championship runs.  He contributes in many ways but doesn't get the credit.  Just shoots a few times short of getting major attention.  I believe this is by design as to not step on anyone elses glory.  He must be the sidekick not the star.  But to me he does enough that he is the star.  If i had a vote he would of been MVP of the two championships he was a part of.
We all grow up pretending that we are taking the winning shot to win a championship.  That we are the hero.  Have you ever noticed that every laker game seems to come down to the last shot.  I never felt that was a coincidence.  I feel that some individuals do more or less to make it happen.  When i read that Phil Jackson heard that Kobe played down to teams in high school so he could be the hero i always felt he did that.  Teams his team should of dominated but by keeping it close he could stay in score more and be the hero.  How often do you see Peyton Manning or Lebron sitting the fourth quarter out of games because it was in hand.  You don't see Kobe do that.  Even when his team is loaded.  The games are kept close so he stays in and pads his stats and can play the hero against inferior teams that should of been put away early on.  AS of this day 11-29-14  Kobe has missed the last nine shots that could of won or tied the game.  People are beginning to talk about him not being so clutch and cutting down his shot selection and he doesn't get the ball to his open teammates.  Finally.  He doesn't have people to cover this up